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Our children are our future!  Making sure they are successful in their education, and life, is a job that we take seriously!  By providing affordable, high quality 1:1 tutoring, we can help to provide solutions for success!


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Michelle Richmond

Resource Director

We value learning and believe it is a vital, life-long skill. We want to share our love of learning, teaching and success with all students!

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 Phillip Winkler


My educational background is in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Physics (with an emphasis on Teacher Preparation). I have a passion for education and, in particular, for making STEM subjects more approachable to students of all ages. Whenever I can, I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, snow skiing, kayaking, and the occasional bit of programming.


Joey Lagarbo-5-7-16

Joey Lagarbo


I was raised in Stockton and attended Lincoln High school as a student-athlete. I moved on to Delta college in 2010 where I discovered the power and importance of education, which lead me to pursue a career in medicine. While tutoring my classmates in various science and math classes it became clear to me that tutoring is one of my biggest passions; It is a very rewarding process. I eventually transferred to the university of California Davis on a football scholarship and received my B.S in biological anthropology, cum laude, in 2015. As I await my entrance into medical school I can think of nothing better i’d rather do than tutor young minds that were once in my position and watch them grow and reach their full potential.



Kaitlyn Gilliland


I enjoy tutoring because it allows me to individualize instruction in a way that is not always possible in the larger classroom setting. My “day job” is teaching high school science, specifically the fields of Biology, Chemistry, and Physiology. My undergraduate degree is B.S. Biology with a focus on organismal biology from Azusa Pacific University. I’ve been a tutor for the last seven years, and a classroom teacher for two. Fun fact: I dye my hair a different color every month as part of an ongoing student motivation tactic. The kids choose the colors. The money I make from this job is put into a trust for my younger siblings college!




Alejandro Campos


Born and raised in Stockton I grew up with passionate teachers & when I graduated from Edison I thought to pursue a path towards becoming a teacher.  I have completed degrees from San Joaquin Delta College & Stanislaus State in Liberal Studies and work for various school districts as a guest (Substitute) teacher. I look forward to becoming a full time teacher in the near future.



Sarah Siddiqui


I was raised in Northern Minnesota, and have recently graduated from the University of the Pacific with a B.S. degree in biology, while also completing the school’s Pre-dental program. As an aspiring dentist, I understand the importance of performing well in classes at an early age and building a solid foundation before progressing into upper level education. When I started tutoring nearly 6 years ago, I observed that my students exhibited a great increase in confidence, as they began to demonstrate their abilities and boost their grades. Watching them flourish academically and regain interest in the coursework was incredibly rewarding, and the primary reason I continue to tutor. When I am not tutoring or studying, I like to golf, read, or go rowing.