About us

reading-tutor-fbWe provide 1 on 1 tutoring ensuring that our students get the full undivided attention of their tutoring instructors.

We’re flexible and convenient because we bring tutoring to your student at the location of your choice (home, library, community center, etc.) and you create a tutoring schedule that works best for you and your student.

We identify where students need help by using our 3 “gear” assessment approach which includes:

  • Taking our Let’s Go Learn and/or Compass Learning pre-test
  • Reviewing students’ grades on report cards and progress reports
  • Communicating with students’ teachers (with parent approval)

Using our 3 “gear” assessment approach we can create a successful tutoring solution to uncover and target students’ specific skill deficits and areas of need, getting them back on track to better grades, better test scores and on to success.

Our assessment approach allows us to easily measure students’ progress by utilizing pre and post test results, report card and progress report updates, and most importantly parent and teacher feedback.

  • We use the students’ school curriculum (common core), homework and class work to gauge what material is being taught in their class. This allows our tutoring instructors to adapt their teaching approach to your students’ grade level and classroom material.
  • We also offer an online, common core aligned curriculum (Compass Learning), that allows students to access their tutoring lessons/activities through a online student login so they can work any place at their own pace.

Tutoring hours/packages

-Can be used by siblings

-100% no risk money back guarantee on any unused tutoring hours with in the first 90 days of purchase

-Do not expire

-Can be used as desired for all subjects

Tutor/Student matching

We match instructors with students using our 3 “gear” approach which includes:

-Subject mastery- Tutoring instructors are knowledgeable professionals in the subject(s) they teach.

-Personality/grade level- Let’s face it, some instructors just work better with certain grade levels/age ranges. We take this into account and will assign instructors based on their own professional preferences.

-Availability – We will do our best to make sure that we match you with a tutor that fits with you and your families busy schedules.


We understand how important it is for students to try their best. We encourage their motivation through rewarding attendance and participation and by allowing them to work at their own pace.