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Why successful tutoring solutions works?

It's our ability to adapt to an ever changing and challenging Educational system.

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What makes our tutoring solutions so successful? Our instructors are one reason. Learn more about our approach here!

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Why Tutoring?

Education last forever!
Your goals count!!!

Our mission is to provide affordable, professional high quality tutoring services and collaboration with parents, teachers and community partners to attain a more equitable and level educational playing field in which every student can reach their maximum potential. Using our 3 "GEAR" assessment approach we can create a successful tutoring solution to uncover and target students' specific skill deficits and areas of need, getting them back on track to better grades, better test scores and on to success.

  • G - Goals

    You're goals are our goals! This important first step in our 3 "GEAR" approach helps us create a successful tutoring solution.

  • E - Educate

    With goals confirmed our instructors can focus their tutoring efforts on educating students where they need help.

  • A - Achieve

    By working 1:1 with our instructors, students will build and gain the confidence and tools needed to achieve skill mastery.

  • R - Results

    Results are our goal! And results are what we get using our 3 "GEAR" approach. A successful solution for education and life!

Meet some of our Tutors

Professional, Experienced and Passionate about teaching, education and our youth.
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Marilyn Mason

Tutor – M.A.E.d
I enjoy teaching and tutoring students as it is rewarding to have an active role in their learning, growth and development. I’m passionate about enriching the lives of students through education.
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Patricia Farley

Tutor – B.S. Chemistry – Emergency Sub Credential/Permit
I enjoy teaching/ tutoring in hopes of helping students reach their potential. I am currently a Substitute Teacher for 12 years. I have provided tutoring services for the Step Up Program in SUSD and Learn It Systems.

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